Tincture Dosage Guide for THC, CBD, CBG & CBDA Tinctures

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Tincture Dosage Guide for THC, CBD, CBG & CBDA Tinctures

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Cannabis tinctures make it simple to take the smallest effective dose that works for you. Different cannabinoid doses may be required with different formulas. And, you may need a unique dose depending on your tolerance, sensitivity to cannabinoids, weight, and metabolism. Dosing different cannabinoid tinctures can yield different effects. Therefore, dosage recommendations vary depending on the type of tincture.

Tincture Dosage Chart (by mg)

Healer Tincture Dosage Chart

Cannabis Tincture Dosage Explained

In general, if you are new to cannabinoid-based tinctures, or if you have not used cannabis or cannabis products very often, it is best to start with the lowest possible dose and work your way up gradually to find the optimal dose for you.  We recommend starting with 1mg to 2 mg of THC.

The onset of cannabis tinctures’ effects generally occur within about 15 minutes when taken sublingually. To take your dose sublingually, you place the dose under your tongue, wait a few minutes (it’s okay if it spreads out around the inside of your mouth), and then swallow. This allows some of the cannabinoids to be absorbed by the mucosal lining; the rest will be swallowed and absorbed by the gut.

Considering the Factors When Choosing a Dose

Several factors can affect what dose you choose with cannabis tinctures, such as:

  • What symptoms you are trying to target
  • What type of cannabis-based tincture you are using, including cannabinoid ratios and potency
  • Your personal experience with cannabinoids

The Physical Effects of Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures may yield different effects depending on the formula. For example, something like CBG Drops may help you feel more relaxed or support good sleep. By contrast, THC tinctures may be more suitable for pain or nausea.

Dosing Different Types of Tincture

With cannabis tinctures, dosage recommendations vary drastically according to what type of cannabinoids the tincture contains. Take a look at four of the most common tinctures and the general dosage recommendations for each.

CBD Tincture Dosage Recommendations

Start with a dose of 5 mg of CBD. The optimal dose for most people is between 5 mg and 30 mg of CBD. Before adjusting your dose, evaluate the effects of the current dose you are trying for two or three days; if not effective, increase the dose by an added 5 mg. If you are not achieving desired results by the time you are taking 25 mg to 50 mg of CBD, look for a CBDA tincture, which can be much more potent and better utilized by the body.

THC Tincture Dosage Recommendations

When starting out with THC tinctures, it is always best to start with just one milligram (okay to start with 2 mg if taken before bed for sleep) since THC may cause intoxicating or euphoric effects . If you are trying to stay away from those effects, starting with the minimal dosage will help you scale your dose until you experience the benefits without feeling impaired. Continue your dose for two or three days. If you are not satisfied with the effects, increase your dose by one milligram of THC per usage every two or three days until you are satisfied.  For example if 1 mg of THC is not effective, try 2 mg of THC one to three times a day for two consecutive days.  If you are still unsatisfied, then try 3 mg of THC one to three times a day.

Try Healer’s free step-by-step dosage program led by Dr. Sulak for an introduction to cannabis tinctures here.

CBG Tincture Dosage Recommendations

CBG interacts with the body differently than CBD. The usual effective dose of CBG for most people is between 5 mg and 40 mg per dose. It is always a good idea to start at 5 mg one to three times per day and increase by 5 mg per dose every two or three days until the optimal dose is achieved. You can work your way up to 40+ mg if needed.

CBDA Tincture Dosage Recommendations

CBDA tincture can be an effective option for people who have aches, discomfort, worry and have tried CBD at higher doses and are not seeing desired outcomes. CBDA may require 50 to 70 percent lower amounts than CBD to be effective. The starting dose of CBDA should also be about 5 mg. Increase your dose by 5 mg every two days until you achieve the optimal dose.

Calculating Your Tincture Dose

To calculate your tincture dose, pay careful attention to the product you are using. Some products will clearly label the milligrams of cannabinoids per serving, and the serving size. Others may not be so clear; in that case, look at how many mg of the target cannabinoid is in each bottle, and then divide by the total number of milliliters (mL) in the bottle. This will tell you how many milligrams you are getting in 1mL. With Healer, you can easily calculate your dose because all of our products provide 1mg of total cannabinoids per drop.

Recommended Dosage Plan & Timeline

The recommended dosage plan can vary depending on the individual. However, the general plan and timeline should be:

  • Start with the lowest recommended dose 1 to 3 times per day
  • Stay at that dose for 2 or 3 days
  • Increase  your dose by 1 mg for THC and 5 mg for CBD, CBDA and CBG after 2 days if needed
  • Stop increasing your dose when the desired outcome is achieved
  • Reduce the dose slightly if you experience any side effects

Microdosing: An Overview

Microdosing with cannabinoids is taking the smallest effective dose one to three times per day to mitigate certain health symptoms. Tinctures offer the easiest way to achieve microdosing because you can adjust how much you are taking in the smallest increments (drops).

What Exactly Constitutes a “Microdose”?

What constitutes a microdose depends on what type of tincture you are using. For example, if you are microdosing THC, 90 percent of people are satisfied with a dose between one and five milligrams. Individuals who have a higher tolerance may need a dose of up to 10 mg per day.

What Advantages Does Microdosing Offer?

Microdosing offers a number of advantages. For people looking to reap the therapeutic benefits of THC, microdosing allows them to do so without the intoxicating effects. Also, microdosing daily can be a bit safer than taking large doses on a regular basis. By taking the smallest effective dose, you reduce the chance of developing a tolerance or reliance on cannabinoids.

Tincture Dosage Guidelines for Microdosing

When finding your optimal microdose of THC or other cannabinoids, start with the lowest possible dose (generally between 1 mg and 5 mg depending on the type). The goal will be to measure your response to the dose and then make adjustments to your dose the next time you use the tincture. When increasing your dose, do so by only a milligram or so at a time, and make sure to give your body time to adjust. This allows you to find the optimal dosage for you without taking more than you have to.

Identify the Appropriate Dose of Cannabis Tincture for You

When you work patiently through the process of finding the right tincture and tincture dose for you, cannabis tinctures can be highly effective. For more guidance on finding the proper tincture dosage, be sure to use the usage guides and response trackers provided by Healer.


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