What Is Microdosing?

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Precision dosing with cannabis –or microdosing– is the best way to address health symptoms.

MedMen talked with Dr. Sulak about why microsing works, what benefits you can expect and how to do it in the article, What is Microdosing? 

Dr. Sulak suggests starting with 1 mg twice or three times each day. Increase to 2 mg if that doesn’t appear to be working, and so on.

He estimates that 90% of people will be able to microdose between 1-5 mg of THC. However, some may have developed a tolerance via recreational usage, or they may have an inherent tolerance. A microdose might be as high as 10 mg if this is the case.

Microdosing reduces the chances of reliance and tolerance development. It’s safe to microdose every day if you’re in chronic pain or want to control sadness or anxiety, according to Dr. Sulak.

This article written by Kasandra Brabaw was originally published by MedMen on December 22, 2018.



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