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Healer’s THC & CBD Online Training & Certification Program

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Hi, I’m Dr. Dustin Sulak, and I’d like to give you some information about Healer’s online training and certification program. I’m a physician with 13 years of clinical experience treating patients with medical cannabis and hemp products and I’ve recognized the need for people that are clinicians, dispensary agents, industry professionals and caretakers of loved ones for a detailed information and a deeper dive into how to help other people get great results with cannabis. So, I’ve taken the information that I’ve gathered and presented it in a very easy to assimilate and digest online format to help make you become an expert in medical cannabis. I’ve based this program on my clinical experience, a thorough review of the peer review literature, and all the latest scientific findings to help keep us on the cutting edge of cannabis medicine.

When you join our training and certification program, you’re also joining an online community of over 4,000 people from diverse backgrounds from clinicians, all the way to caregivers and patients, and everything in between.

Our program includes:

  1. 4 online course modules
  2. Library of Monthly webinars with all the latest science
  3. Educational resources that you can use in your practice or your business.

Our online modules contain four distinct courses and over 25 hours of online learning. The first curriculum is all about the basics of cannabis and how to interact with someone if you’re a clinician or a dispensary agent or a budtender so that you can help them get great results.  The second curriculum is all about the dosing of cannabis products. The third one is a deep dive on CBD and its related compounds and then the fourth is all about conditions specific approaches.

This program is more than just information. I designed it because I wanted to help you be able to help others. The information is very practical, clinically relevant and relevant to the position that you might find yourself in whether you’re helping someone professionally or just helping a family member or a loved one.

The online modules are in a micro learning format that can take just five or ten minutes per module. They include written content, videos, quizzes and other activities to help solidify your knowledge and can be done on any device such as a laptop, tablet or phone.  After you complete our courses we provide you with a certificate of completion that you can post in your clinic or wherever you work.  The certificate demonstrates you’ve completed our program and that you have a foundational knowledge of medical cannabis. The certificate shows people that you’re trained and ready to help them. I

In addition to the online modules, we have a library of webinars that we have been recording since 2018 with all the latest science and cannabis and the common questions that people are asking me.  The webinar recordings are time stamped so that you can jump to the topic or question that’s most important to you.

As a member of this program, we provide you with Healer’s educational resources that you can then give to your patients or your customers so that they get the best information on how to use cannabis in a way that’s best for them.

The world of medical cannabis is changing quickly. There’s so much new scientific information coming out and the needs of our program members are changing with it. That’s why I’m constantly updating the program and including new information to help keep you at the cutting edge. Cannabis works best with education and by joining our community and completing our program, you’ll become a trusted cannabis advisor and you can help people get great results with cannabis.

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