Clinical Retreats

Take Your Learning to the Next Level

If you love Healer’s online training program, guides, videos, and live webinars, but want to learn even more, then consider attending an in-person educational retreat held at Dr. Sulak’s clinic in Maine!

These intimate experiential sessions allow participants to interact directly with Dr. Sulak and each other. Depending on the retreat you choose, topics may include: clinical applications of cannabis and ketamine, integrative medicine, healing arts modalities, energy medicine, and self-healing. Dr. Sulak designed these retreats with a variety of individuals in mind, from clinicians to lay people to healing arts professionals.

About Dr. Sulak’s Educational Retreats:

Learn more about all the retreats. 

Clinical Training Phase 1 and 2

For clinicians primarily interested in improving their knowledge and skills using cannabis, ketamine, and integrative medicine with their patients.  Learn More.

Healers’ Retreat: Renewal for Professional Healers

For clinicians primarily interested in personal healing and renewal through psychedelic-assisted therapy. Learn More.

Healing Arts Phase 1 and 2

For lay people, healing arts professionals and students, and clinicians interested in learning skills to implement hands-on energy medicine techniques and an introduction to the therapeutic applications of two legal psychedelic medicines – cannabis and ketamine.  Learn More.

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