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Introduction to Cannabis - Inhalation and Tincture

Are you new to cannabis and not sure where to start? In this program, Dr. Sulak will show you how to inhale or use a tincture to sensitize your body to cannabis, to ensure that you get the optimal benefits of cannabis at the lowest, effective dose, without any negative side effects. Using the correct dose of cannabis is the single most important factor in having a successful, therapeutic relationship with cannabis.

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Sensitization Protocol - Reverse Cannabis Tolerance

Do you require more and more cannabis to get the same relief? This is a sign of cannabis tolerance. Learn how to overcome your tolerance and become sensitive to cannabis again. Dr. Sulak will help you feel better and save money by reducing your cannabis usage by up to 60%. Feel more and experience superior medical benefits.

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Switching from Inhalation to Tincture to Prevent Your Symptoms

Learn the basics of how to switch to a cannabis tincture from inhalation. Dr. Sulak will show you how using a tincture may actually prevent your symptoms compared to chasing and treating them with inhalation after they occur. Tincture use is more efficient and economical delivery of cannabis and will reduce your consumption by up to 50% or more.

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Introduction to Cannabis Program Strategies for Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Use

For people who want the beneficial effects of cannabis without adverse psychoactive effects like impairment and intoxication, this program provides you with a number of strategies to help you get the optimal benefits of cannabis without getting high. Let’s get started!

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Endocannabinoid Diet & Activities

Learn how to improve your health by optimizing your endocannabinoid system by adding Dr. Sulak’s recommended foods and activities to your daily routine.

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A Guide to Shopping for Cannabis

This guide will help you easily navigate your shopping trip to a medical cannabis supplier. You’ll avoid common pitfalls, have a positive experience and bring home the right medicine for your therapeutic use.

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The Secret Breath

This powerful secret can make the effect of one inhalation of cannabis seem like five or ten inhalations. Please complete the Sensitization Protocol before trying the Secret Breath.

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