Inner Inventory©

The Inner Inventory© will help you find your optimal dosage of cannabis and is used to check in with your body and mind before and one hour after cannabis use.

To understand how cannabis or hemp affects you, it’s best to incorporate some sort of measure to track your experience, including how much you take, how many times a day you take it, and rating your symptoms daily to see if they are getting better or worse.

Dr. Sulak created a system he calls checking your ‘Inner Inventory’. By asking yourself four simple questions before your dose and up to an hour after, you will be able to see if it is working or help you to reduce the likelihood of unwanted effects.

If your score improves, then you know you’re feeling the effects of the amount taken. Desire greater benefits? Then take a little bit more. Did you feel high when you didn’t want to? Take less the next time.

Journaling to keep track of your personal experience or following Healer’s free Dosage Guide & Response Tracker is the fastest method for finding your optimal dosage amount and frequency. (For hemp products use Healer’s free Usage Guide & Response Tracker.)

Dr. Sulak show you how to check your Inner Inventory in this short video:

Inner Inventory Video

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