How do I login or reset my password to my ecommerce account for training program payments and subscriptions?

To edit your password, payments and to change your subscription, please click here on My Account.

To reset your password, click on Lost your password? link on the login page.


How do I login or reset my password for my online training program account?

Login in here and reset your password to your online training program account.

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I’m new to cannabis. Where should I start on Healer.com?

We recommend learning as much as you can about medical cannabis, by checking out our Cannabis 101 section for information about cannabis basics, health conditions and more.

If you are a beginner, looking for guidance with cannabis use, we recommend Dr. Sulak’s Introduction to Cannabis Program.


How do I set up a visit with Dr. Sulak?

For health condition questions and concerns, Dr. Sulak recommends starting with Healer’s free educational resources  and step by step dosage programs .

For educational visits (video chat or phone calls) with Dr. Sulak or his trained providers please call 207-482-0188  M-F 9am – 5pm (EST) or email info@integr8health.com. For more information please visit https://integr8health.com/services/educational-consults/.

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