Thank you for changing my life!

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Dear Dr. Sulak,

I have been a self-medicating marijuana user for decades. I was skeptical that you could add anything to what I felt was a broad knowledge base that I already possessed. I could not have been more wrong.

I want to thank you for changing my life! I want to thank you for the manifold positive changes cannabis use education and prescription marijuana have brought to me.

I watched the videos and have completely changed my consumption of medical marijuana based on what I refer to as “The Sulak Method.” I have adjusted my consumption down, use less product and receive much more benefit from less product. This saves time. This saves money. This saves my functionality.

I now feel as if I knew nothing about consuming marijuana until really listening to you Dr. Sulak. I now recommend your method and videos to all the other people I know who are truly interested in marijuana as medicine. I now know what, when, and how to use marijuana to benefit me the most and impact my wallet the least!

I was afraid. I was afraid to have a prescription for medical marijuana. I was afraid to stop being afraid. I had been self-medicating and I cannot believe the world of difference in my life from no longer being a “bad person” and having to obtain marijuana in a clandestine manner. I am my own man now, on the right side of the law and I no longer live in fear that what I do to bring me relief could land me in hot water. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME INTO THE LIGHT OF DAY!

Thanks for changing my life – keep up the good work, people NEED you!

David M.- 45

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