Dr. Dustin Sulak

Co-Founder & Medical Director


DUSTIN SULAK, DO is co-founder of Healer, a medical cannabis brand founded to address the challenges of helping patients and health providers get the best results with safe, reliably dosable products and education on how to best use them. Healer’s distinctive product formulations and educational material are based on his work. As one of the first physicians in Maine to incorporate the legal use of cannabis as a medicine in 2009, Dr. Sulak founded Integr8 Health, a medical practice that follows more than 8,000 patients using medical cannabis.

Today he is globally recognized by his peers as a pioneer of clinical applications, formulations, and usage protocols. He is the author of the first foundational text on the clinical use of cannabis and cannabinoid therapies, titled Handbook of Cannabis for Clinicians: Principles and Practice. Read more.

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