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Cannabis Training University vs Healer Certified

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Are you looking to gain more knowledge about cannabis?  Or, how to best recommend products and help patients or consumers find their optimal dosage and more relief for their ailments? In the modern, rapidly growing cannabis landscape, reliable information means everything. Cannabis patients need access to trustworthy individuals who have undergone the proper training to provide sound advice. Therefore, becoming certified by undergoing a cannabis training program is important if you are stepping into the cannabis business as a care provider or if you are a patient yourself.

Currently, two primary options for online training and certification in cannabis include Cannabis Training University and Healer Certified. Find out more about the differences between these two online programs below.

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Differences Between Cannabis Training University vs Healer Certified

Healer Certified is a cannabis training program developed by a physician (Dr. Dustin Sulak) and geared more toward clinicians, industry professionals or individuals interested in cannabis as medicine. Cannabis Training University is a cannabis-focused online cannabis school as well but is more focused on certain sections in the cannabis industry. For example, through CTU, you can get certified as a budtender. Both programs offer certificates. However, there are significant differences between the two programs.


Healer Certified offers one comprehensive Certificate that shows you are Healer Certified once you have completed the first two primary courses in the program: Medical Cannabis Core Curriculum and Dosage Protocols and Methodologies. CBD Essentials and Applications and Condition-Specific Treatment round out the current course offerings although new content modules are continually being added to the fourth course.

By contrast, Cannabis Training University offers multiple single certifications based on different program completions. For example, you can become Certified in Cannabis Cooking or Indoor Marijuana Growing. Or, you can pay for the Master Cannabis program and obtain all 10 certificates offered by CTU.

Course Pacing

CTU courses are said to be self-paced, but there are limitations. Once you pay for the program, you only have access to the coursework for 12 weeks. If you are not finished by the end of the 12 weeks, you have to pay a fee for extended access. Healer Certified is more legitimately self-paced.  For the full year after submitting one payment of $249, you get full access to all the content: four extensive courses; Dr. Sulak’s monthly live webinars and  library of webinar recordings since 2018; educational resources including turnkey dosage guides, videos and social media content that can be co-branded for marketing purposes; a community hub of other like-minded learners who supply advice, pointers and encouragement; and opportunities for advanced in-person training with Dr. Sulak via webinar or retreats.


CTU is ANSI/IACET accredited. Therefore, you can earn college credits upon completion of some programs. Because Healer is not accredited and the courses do not count as college credits, Dr. Sulak’s specific dosage protocols and best practices can be presented.


Both CTU and Healer Certified have mostly exceptional reviews from happy students. CTU reviewers say the courses are easy to follow and educational. Over 4,000 people have joined the Healer Certified community, and many have gone on to step into leading positions serving cannabis patients and customers. Further, Healer Certified is just as valuable for individuals looking to learn more about cannabis for personal use because the format of the educational materials is designed to be accessible to individuals without scientific or medical backgrounds as it is to those looking for professional certifications.

Are You Ready to Join the Healer Certified Community?

Designed for both individuals and cannabis professionals, Healer Certified is designed for cannabis empowerment. If you would like to learn more about becoming Healer Certified, take a look at the program overview today.

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