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Introduction to Cannabis
4-Day Online Program

Cannabis Sensitization
6-Day Online Program

Strategies for Non-
Psychoactive Cannabis Use

New to Cannabis Program

to Cannabis

A step-by-step guide to help new cannabis users determine their optimal therapeutic use.

Introduction to Cannabis
4-Day Online Program

When you’re just starting out with medical cannabis, you will probably have plenty of questions. What is the ideal therapeutic dosage for me? Can I use cannabis without getting high? How do I avoid negative side effects? What delivery system is best? And how can I ensure the optimal benefit, easily and inexpensively?

With our 4-Day Introduction to Cannabis program, you’ll learn the answers to these and other important questions through a series of easy-to-implement step-by-step videos and worksheets.

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Experienced Cannabis User Program

Cannabis User

In this doctor-developed program for experienced users, you’ll learn how to avoid building a tolerance by resetting your sensitivity to cannabis.

Sensitization Protocol
6-Day Online Program

Experienced medical cannabis users may find that they require more cannabis than ever to get the same symptom relief they once received with less. Dr. Sulak’s 6-day Sensitization Protocol will show you how to reset your body’s sensitivity so that less cannabis can result in more therapeutic benefits.

Through our series of step-by-step videos you’ll learn how to reverse your tolerance to cannabis, decrease negative side effects, and save up to 60% on your monthly cannabis costs!

Premium membership gives you full access to all Dr. Sulak's step-by-step online programs, ask Dr. Sulak and wellness activities.

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Dr. Sulak’s 6-Day Cannabis Sensitization Protocol

Health & Cannabis Professionals

Health & Cannabis

Be Ready When Patients Ask About Medical Cannabis.

Healthcare & Cannabis Professionals

Many doctors approve of cannabis as a therapy, but may not know enough about it or how to direct their patients to best use it. Dispensaries and bud tenders strive to educate new users and help experienced users who have developed tolerance to cannabis optimize their results.

If you’re a professional requiring help with these and other cannabis questions, Healer is here to save you time and energy, providing trusted science-based information for your clients. Use this form to contact us for details.

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I wanted my life back. Healer has done that. I’ve learned how to manage my cannabis tolerance by using the Sensitization Program, which helps me decrease my consumption by a third.

Elizabeth R., age 31

Healer has helped make understanding and using my medicine safer and easier. Medical Cannabis has given me more control over my body. I never thought something like a plant would change my life.

Jordan B., age18

The knowledge that Healer gives you is endless. I have tried and received results from the sensitization protocol, learning how to manage my cannabis tolerance and get the maximum benefits for the minimal amount of medication. Using the program helped me cut my consumption in half.

Alisa O., age 51

I have been a self-medicating marijuana user for decades. I was skeptical that Healer could add anything to the broad knowledge base I already possessed. I could not have been more wrong. I watched two videos and have completely changed my consumption of medical marijuana. I use less and get more benefits. This saves time and money.

David M., age 45

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