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Using Cannabis to Treat Migraine Can Cause Rebound Headaches

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Is cannabis a helpful in treating migraines? Read what the latest research says, plus Dr. Sulak’s thoughts on the subject, in this article, “Using Cannabis to Treat Migraine Can Cause Rebound Headaches” published on Healthline.

Key points covered include:

  • Research indicates that those who use cannabis to treat migraines are more likely to get rebound headaches.
  • Studies show that consumers overmedicate with cannabis, which causes the subsequent headaches.
  • Migraine sufferers should begin with modest dosages of cannabis and gradually raise their dosage.
  • Dehydration and overuse, particularly via the inhaled method of administration, are the two most typical explanations, as cannabis might dry out the mucous membranes and make the mucus thicker.
  • Inhaled cannabis helps some people with migraines if they catch the migraine early, but if they wait too long, cannabis can actually make the migraine worse.

To read the full article, click here.

This article by Tony Hicks and fact checked by Jennifer Chesak was originally published by Healthline on March 1, 2021.


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