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Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Older Adults

This is a recording of our special webinar focused on the use of cannabis for dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and older adults. Webinar Topics: High-dose CBD for behavioral symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease Low-dose cannabis improves cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s disease: case report Does cannabis use reduce the risk of cognitive decline? How effective is medical cannabis […]

Does Cannabis Cause Heart Failure and Stroke?

Does Cannabis Cause Heart Failure and Stroke?

Over the last week, we’ve seen many headlines about 2 new studies that found “marijuana use raises risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.” In this article, I’ll review what we know and don’t know about the new findings (including some juicy details that didn’t make it to the media reports), compare with some […]

Healer cannabis and dementia webinar recording

Cannabis and Dementia Webinar Recording

 Webinar Topics: A special focus on cannabis and dementia Review of recent studies Patient case presentations Clinician’s roundtable discussion with speakers: Jeffrey Hergenrather, MD Bonni Goldstien, MD Sherry Yafai, MD Eloise Theisen, MSN, NP, AGPCNP What is Healer Respite? Our mission is to help your loved one find relief from the daily challenges associated […]

8 Reasons Why Adding Cannabis Tinctures Helps Prevent & Relieve Chronic Symptoms So You Can Feel and Perform Your Best Everyday

There’s no question that there is something very special about inhaling cannabis. When the flame meets the flower, it produces an experience that other methods simply cannot re-create.  

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