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Doctor-Developed Formulas with Step-by-Step Dosage Guides

After treating thousands of patients with medicinal cannabis since 2009 and following their progress and results, I observed that using cannabis as a medicine is unlike any other medication.

The best relief comes from cannabis that retains the widest range of medicinal compounds rather than isolated cannabinoids. You may not know it, but most of cannabis’ medicinal components are lost when smoking, vaping or consuming poorly extracted products.

Most importantly, when finding your optimal dosage, I learned that for most people, less is more. In fact, many of the benefits of cannabis diminish with large doses.  Using cannabis as a low dose, daily supplement provides greater relief and saves money.

To create Healer products, we partner with the best local growers, processors and retailers to create seed-to-patient formulations. Healer’s patented nanotechnology extraction process ensures our formulations are consistent and maintain the plant’s full therapeutic entourage of cannabinoids (including “raw” acidics), terpenes, flavonoids and hundreds of other key compounds.

Now I’m pleased to be able to make these broad acting formulas available to you!  And, to help simplify your experience with cannabis, I have included my step-by-step Dosage Guide© for you.

Dr. Dustin Sulak
Board Member and Research Chair, The Society of Cannabis Clinicians
Course Director, Cannabis Expertise CME Symposia

Healer Formulas

Healer Night Drops Medical Cannabis Products

Night Drops

This calming formula incorporates THC from specially selected and blended strains of cannabis with their sedating terpenes kept intact. This formula helps promote sleep by addressing anxiety, pain, restless limbs, nightmares and other symptoms that interfere with deep, restorative slumber. Can be combined with inhaled cannabis for trouble falling asleep.

Healer Pain Relief Medical Cannabis Products

Pain Relief (Anytime Drops)

A low-impairing formula that includes THC, the strongest pain-relieving component in cannabis, THCA for additional pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. This formula provides powerful relief and is unlikely to cause impairment at doses below 20 drops, except in those patients very sensitive to THC. It is also a great less-impairing night formula option.

Healer Perfect Balance Medical Cannabis Products

Perfect Balance (Anytime Drops)

The perfect balance of THC and CBD plus CBDA and THCA, their acidic counterparts. This formula contains the widest entourage of cannabinoids available and is excellent for most symptoms. Also it’s a beneficial daily supplement to help improve overall well being. Non-impairing (even in THC-sensitive individuals) unless used at very high doses (20-40 drops).

Healer Whole Plant Medical Cannabis Products

Whole Plant CBD (Anytime Drops)

Generally regarded as superior to isolated CBD and hemp CBD for pain, inflammation and other chronic symptoms. This CBD-dominant formula contains very low amounts of THC and is non-impairing. Lower doses are awakening & stimulating, higher doses may be sedating. May be combined with other formulas to increase the CBD ratio and can be used as a partial antidote for THC overdose.

Daily Supplements Formulated for Precision Microdosing

What’s Inside the Formulas

Healer drops are created by extracting whole plant cannabis strain blends in ethanol which is then removed completely. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil is added to aid absorption. No Additives or flavorings are added. Healer formulas are continually tested from the beginning of the extraction process, during production, and at completion.

Healer’s patented process uses nanotechnologies to purify and concentrate the plant’s wide spectrum of acidic and neutral cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other key components, while eliminating molds, viruses and yeasts.

You can tell the difference with just one taste. The drops retain the pleasant flavors and scents reminiscent of the cannabis plant itself. Then experience the difference in response based on the a complex mixture of hundreds of therapeutic compounds we call The Healer Medicinal Entourage.

NOTE: Consult your doctor. Information provided here is for educational purposes and not intended as medical advice. The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved cannabis as a safe and effective drug for any indication.

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Healer’s Dosage Guide© and Dosage & Response Tracker©

Because cannabis affects everyone differently, it is critical to find your optimal dose to achieve maximum benefits with minimal or no side effects. Healer’s step-by-step Dosage Guide©, created by Dr. Sulak, helps you achieve and maintain the best results.

Appropriate for all formulas, the Dosage Guide© includes Dr. Sulak’s Recommended Dosing Methods for both daytime and nighttime use. You’ll also learn:

  • How to take Healer Drops
  • How to know if Healer Drops are working and what to do if they are not
  • About cannabis and sleep
  • Controlling unwanted effects
  • Cautions and FAQs
  • What to do if tolerance to cannabis develops

How Is Your Experience?

Have you tried the Healer Difference — Healer’s Medicinal Entourage?

We want to learn from your experience so we can help others to continue to use cannabis effectively.

Please, share your results with Dr. Sulak at Healer.com/MyResults.

The Healer Promise

To help make cannabis safer, more effective and accessible to all who need it. Healer is committed to helping patients live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Healer focuses on medical cannabis education, technology and building community.  Healer and its certified retail partners donate a portion of all product sales to “Healer Helps,” a program designed to help patients with hardships and support local medical cannabis education.

Only healer drops provide a doctor-developed dosage guide with dosage response tracking to help you use medicinal cannabis effectively.

About Healer

Healer is a trusted, doctor-developed medical cannabis brand founded to address the challenge of producing and selling safe, reliably dosable products and educating patients on how to best use them.

Healer’s distinctive product formulations and educational material are based on the work of leading cannabis clinician, Dr. Dustin Sulak, D.O. who is internationally regarded as an expert and educator on medical cannabis and recognized as a pioneer of clinical applications.

Healer’s patented nanofiltration extraction process maintains the plant’s full therapeutic entourage of cannabinoids (including acidics), terpenes, flavonoids and hundreds of other key compounds.

All Healer products and patient education are based on years of clinical observations, direct patient feedback and analytical test results. Unlike other cannabis products, Healer formulas are based on Dr. Sulak’s clinical experience with 10,000 patients. All Healer formulas are developed to enhance  overall health and well being by improving sleep and allowing symptom-free function with little or no impairment each day.

Healer’s Seed to Patient Formulations

Healer’s formulas are dependent on the plant’s genetics and the hard work growers invest in producing  each plant. In each market, Healer partners with growers who produce the highest quality starting materials that are pesticide and contaminant free — we know because we test every batch.

To ensure high quality, standardized and consistent products, Healer partners use Healer’s patented extraction process, technologies, and operating procedures and adhere to Healer’s quality control standards.

Healer empowers our manufacturing partners to formulate products that work best for patients and consumers by providing access to our formulation data and consumer responses.

To sell and recommend our products, Healer’s Certified retail partners are required to complete Healer’s Medicinal Cannabis Training curriculum and commit to ongoing Healer education to maintain certification.

NOTE: Consult your doctor. Information provided here is for educational purposes and not intended as medical advice. The US Food and Drug Administration has not approved cannabis as a safe and effective drug for any indication.