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Medical cannabis studies offer hope to opioid users

March 19, 2021 Some researchers believe cannabis can help wean prescription opioid users off the addictive and potentially deadly drugs. Others aren’t so sure.

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The Health Effects of Cannabis: The Reproductive System

Most human male and female reproductive tissues, such as uterus and testis, manufacture and degrade endocannabinoids to control hormones, fertility, implantation and development of the embryo, and inflammation.  The plant...

The Health Effects of Cannabis: Soft Tissue and Joints

Cannabinoids can modulate bone remodeling, often promoting bone growth and inhibiting bone resorption, and some are currently being studied for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.  Our bodies increase the number...

The Health Effects of Cannabis: The Immune System

The immune system is partially controlled by our body’s own cannabinoids, and using cannabis can certainly affect immune function in complex ways, often suppressing certain aspects of the immune system...

The Health Effects of Cannabis: Cardiovascular System Research

Cannabis exerts bidirectional effects on the cardiovascular system – it can increase or decrease both heart rate and blood pressure.  Typical doses of cannabis slightly decrease blood pressure and increase...

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Because we believe that staying up to date on the latest cannabis research and learning from your peers’ questions are essential to being a trusted cannabis advisor, here is free...

Some Foods, Activities Can Stimulate Your Endocannabinoid System

Weedmaps.com Kyle Jeager Jan 24, 2019 Pro tip: you can get more out of your marijuana experience by doing simple things such as eating chocolate, drinking herbal tea, or getting...

Medical Cannabis Opioid Guide

Thousands of people have used cannabis to help them reduce and replace opioid medications, as demonstrated in numerous recent scientific papers and strongly supported by animal research (see guide for...

Medical Cannabis 101 Video

Dr. Sulak explains the basics of medical cannabis. A must watch.

The Health Effects of Cannabis

The following is a brief summary of the most common physiologic effects of cannabis on each of our bodily systems.

Micro-Dosing with THC

Dr. Sulak teaches you how to safely control your cannabis dosage to provide the benefits you seek without intoxication.

Cannabis Edibles Dosing Chart | How to Use Cannabis

FIND YOUR OPTIMAL DOSAGE & FEEL YOUR BEST Dr. Dustin Sulak’s publication | Leafly Cannabis Dosage Guide Chart – April 20, 2018 Edible forms of cannabis, including food products, lozenges,...

How do I find an optimal low dose that will help with my cancer?

I have been using cannabis oil for 3 months for prostate cancer (as a complementary to conventional cancer treatments) in hopes that it would help slow the progression.  In the...

How To Minimize Adverse Effects Of Cannabis

Healer.com’s Introduction to Cannabis and Sensitization programs are designed to help you minimize the negative effects while increasing the desired medical benefits from cannabis.

Will lemon negate the benefits of cannabis?

In one of your videos you mentioned that lemon is an “antidote” to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. I was wondering if it is just the rind or the juice...

Pediatric Seizures – Video Guide

A parent’s guide to understanding cannabis as a treatment for pediatric seizures. Dr. Dustin Sulak outlines what every parent considering cannabis as a seizure treatment for their child needs to...

Understanding Cannabis Dosing – Video

An overview of the fundamentals of cannabis dosing.

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