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CBD For Sleep: How To Use Cannabidiol to Benefit Sleep

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) good for sleep? We know that CBD can help sleep in some individuals, but may disturb it in others. We also know that in general, CBD is less effective than THC…. Both animal and human scientific research indicate that THC is an excellent sleep aid in patients with pain, PTSD, and obstructive […]

THC & CBD Training and Certification Program

Healer’s THC & CBD Online Training & Certification Program

Enroll Now Hi, I’m Dr. Dustin Sulak, and I’d like to give you some information about Healer’s online training and certification program. I’m a physician with 13 years of clinical experience treating patients with medical cannabis and hemp products and I’ve recognized the need for people that are clinicians, dispensary agents, industry professionals and caretakers […]

A guide to tolerance breaks

A Guide to Cannabis Tolerance Breaks

The most important factor when it comes to having a successful experience with cannabis is using the correct dose. While the common concept is that if a certain dose is not working as well as it used to, you should take more, but this is not always the case. For some people, an increased dosage […]

Tincture Dosage Guide for THC, CBD, CBG & CBDA Tinctures

Tincture Dosage Guide for THC, CBD, CBG & CBDA Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures make it simple to take the smallest effective dose that works for you. Different cannabinoid doses may be required with different formulas. And, you may need a unique dose depending on your tolerance, sensitivity to cannabinoids, weight, and metabolism. Dosing different cannabinoid tinctures can yield different effects. Therefore, dosage recommendations vary depending on […]

Health Conditions

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Does Cannabis Cause Heart Failure and Stroke?

Does Cannabis Cause Heart Failure and Stroke?

Over the last week, we’ve seen many headlines about 2 new studies that found “marijuana use raises risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke.” In this article, I’ll review what we know and don’t know about the new findings (including some juicy details that didn’t make it to the media reports), compare with some […]

Healer cannabis and dementia webinar recording

Cannabis and Dementia Webinar Recording

 The Healer Cannabis and Dementia webinar includes the latest research and case studies of patients successfully using cannabis and hemp to help with dementia challenges such as agitation, wandering, aggressive behaviors, poor nutrition, pain, sleep and even cognitive abilities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies from leading […]

8 Reasons Why Adding Cannabis Tinctures Helps Prevent & Relieve Chronic Symptoms So You Can Feel and Perform Your Best Everyday

There’s no question that there is something very special about inhaling cannabis. When the flame meets the flower, it produces an experience that other methods simply cannot re-create.  

Healer How To Get Great Results With Medical Cannabis

Learn how you can get great results with medical cannabis. Prevent and relieve symptoms Learn about Healer cannabis   Dr. Sulak address the questions frequently asked by patients and health providers, discusses the following topics and answers questions from the audience: How to use cannabis to treat and prevent symptoms Finding your optimal dosage Cost-effective […]

CBD Drug Interactions

A Patient’s Guide to CBD and Drug Interactions

While CBD has an excellent safety profile overall, using it in high doses alongside other drugs may come with a risk of drug interactions. University Health News reached out to Healer and Dr. Sulak on this topic. Read the full story: A Patient’s Guide to CBD and Drug Interactions. The most common CBD drug interactions […]


Acidic Cannabinoids (CBDA / CBGA / THCA) Benefits & More

By Dr. Dustin Sulak Most people don’t know that the phytocannabinoids in cannabis and hemp come in two forms: acidic (such as CBDA and THCA) and neutral (CBD, THC). While neutral cannabinoids have gotten a lot of attention, new studies show that cannabinoids in their original acidic form have tremendous healing properties that act in […]

What is CBDA? Benefits & Effects of Cannabidiolic Acid

What is CBDA and what are its health benefits? In this post, we discuss if CBDA can aid in the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression, pain, or sleep problems. Here’s all you need to know about the health advantages of CBDA and how to use it to improve your day-to-day. What is CBDA (cannabidiolic acid)? […]


How to Use CBD for Help with Anxiety

Research indicates that CBD has an anxiolytic effect, meaning it decreases anxiety. CBD may benefit some people with anxiety disorders, and it may be useful in helping people reduce anxiety associated with episodic, stressful situations. Here is everything you need to know about using CBD for anxiety.

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Pediatric Seizure Guides

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What Are the Risks and Benefits of Treating Pediatric Seizures With Cannabinoid Medicine?

Dr. Sulak wrote this article, What are the Risks and Benefits of Treating Pediatric Seizures with Cannabinoid Medicine?, for families considering whether cannabis is the correct treatment for their child with seizures. He presents the dangers, potential benefits, how it works, current scientific research, and how to get started so they can make the best decision […]

A Parent’s Guide to Cannabinoids and Pediatric Seizures

For parents who have decided to use cannabis for their children who suffer from seizures, Dr. Sulak wrote A Parent’s Guide to Pediatric Seizures and Cannabinoid Medicine to get help them started. Find a neurologist Find a cannabinoid medicine specialist (The Society of Cannabis Clinicians is a good resource for finding a provider) Only buy/use lab-tested […]

Cannabis and Pediatric Seizures Video Guide Transcripts

Pediatric Seizures Part 1 –Risks, Potential Benefits, Medicinal Basics I know that for most parents it’s a really challenging decision to even think about using cannabis in your child. But after all you’ve been thru. Having a child with a refractory seizure disorder and knowing what you’ve seen and responding to conventional medicines or the […]

Pediatric Seizures – Video Guide

A parent’s guide to understanding cannabis as a treatment for pediatric seizures. Dr. Dustin Sulak outlines what every parent considering cannabis as a seizure treatment for their child needs to understand in this video series. For a full transcript of this video guide please click here

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