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Webinar with Dr. Sulak and Bonni S. Goldstein, M.D.

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Dr. Sulak is joined by special guest Bonni S. Goldstein, M.D.

This is a recording of the May 27, 2020 Healer Certified monthly webinar.

These webinars are usually reserved for members of the Healer Certified Community but we have made this available to the general public due to Covid 19.

Webinar Research Topics

  • Cannabis and COVID-19: 3 scientific papers
  • THC and inflammation in mice
  • Cannabis and risk factors for obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in adults and adolescents
  • Prenatal cannabis exposure and cognitive impairment

About Bonni S. Goldstein, M.D.

Bonni S. Goldstein, M.D., is the Medical Director of Canna-Centers Wellness and Education, a Los Angeles-based medical practice established in 2008, which is devoted to helping patients use cannabis for serious and chronic medical conditions.  After years of working in the specialty of pediatric emergency medicine, she developed an interest in the science of medical cannabis after witnessing its beneficial effects in an ill friend.  Since then she has successfully treated both adult and pediatric patients. She has a special interest in treating children with intractable epilepsy, autism, and cancer. Dr. Goldstein’s book, Cannabis Is Medicine, will be published by Little, Brown Spark in September 2020. 

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