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New to cannabis but am not feeling an effect

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I am brand new to medical cannabis and have tried it for the past three days using a vaporizer but am not feeling an effect. Am I doing something wrong?

I am brand new to medical cannabis. I have chronic pain due to ankylosing spondylitis and a rare brain condition. I have been taking Percocet for several years but want to wean off of it and use medical cannabis instead. The problem is, I received my first cannabis a week ago. I got 1/2 oz of sour kush flowers. I have a PAX2 inhaler. I went very slowly. I filled the oven and took 1 inhalation and waited ten minutes. No effect. Then another inhalation. No effect. Up to 6 inhalations with no effect and I was frustrated and gave up. I did this three days in a row and got no effect. I don’t know if I am inhaling wrong, need a different consumption method, or just don’t have the right strain for my pain. I would so greatly appreciate any advice you can offer. Thank you.

Dr. Sulak’s Answer

Great question!  Six inhalations after three days should surely be enough for you to feel something, even if you don’t have the optimal strain, and even if inhalation isn’t the best method for you.

I suspect that the vaporizer is not heating the herb enough to vaporize the medicinal components.  Have you tried adjusting the temperature settings?  The PAX2 has 4 temperatures.  Perhaps the lowest temperature is the default and that’s why it’s not working.  When used at the correct temperature, you should be able to see a light mist when you exhale.

After trying the higher temperatures, if you still feel no effect, then I would attribute this to the cannabis supply or your inhalation technique.  Here’s how to inhale: first, fully exhale, then put your lips on the mouthpiece and inhale slowly, drawing 1/2 to 2/3 of your lung volume from the vaporizer.  Then remove your mouth from the vaporizer and continue to fill your lungs fully with fresh air, hold for 1-2 seconds, and exhale slowly.

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