Moms That Microdose Marijuana for Health Benefits

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Dr. Sulak weighs in on the discussion with The Doctors TV show regarding Moms That Microdose Marijuana For Health Benefits.

In this segment, Dr. Sulak says that microdosing cannabis is “very safe” and has no pro-addictive impact. He describes this method as “like taking a daily vitamin” that helps healthy individuals stay healthy.

While there is no guarantee that microdosing would improve one’s health, Dr.Sulak believes that if cannabis is lowering stress and improving one’s performance, it is a “marker of health.” The Doctors and Dr. Sulak emphasize that microdosing should not be done during pregnancy, and that if you are contemplating this form of treatment, you should speak with a doctor who is well-versed in the matter.

Watch this segment which appeared on The Doctors TV on February 8, 2018.

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