Medical cannabis studies ramp up, offering hope to some opioid users

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A growing number of studies are showing that cannabis is helping opioid users reduce their usage or stop completely.

This article from the Portland Press Herald includes information from a study by Dr. Sulak in 2016 that showed 85% of 525 of his practice’s patients reported a decrease in or cessation of opioid use when using medical cannabis.

Read the full story, Medical Cannabis Studies Ramp Up, Offering Hope to Some Opioid Users, which reports on Maine Resident Tim Gresh who is one of an increasing number of patients who swear by medical cannabis not only as a therapy option for chronic pain, but also as a pain management alternative to conventional opiates. More researchers have begun to investigate this hypothesis in recent years, but their findings have been mixed and frequently contradicting.

This article by Hannah Laclaire was originally published by the Portland Press Herald on March 19, 2021.

Image credit – Derek Davis, Portland Press Herald

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