Long History of Chronic Pain

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I have a long history of chronic pain. I was in a severe motor vehicle accident – ejected from the car and landed 200 feet away with multiple fractures to both my legs, hips and ankles.  

I went to physical therapy, and have been wearing braces on both legs.  Doctors prescribed me many different pain medications. Since using medical marijuana, I am off all opiates. Also, it has made a huge difference in my anxiety and PTSD symptoms: decreased impulsivity, able to control my anger and mood. I am more active, more social, and happier. Marijuana has been a godsend for me.  I now see things as half full instead of half empty.  Uses 3-5 grams per day with a vaporizer. Anyone interested in medical cannabis should use Dr. Sulak’s programs.

Michael W. – 36 Chronic Pain

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