I Am No Longer Controlled By My Seizures

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I suffer from severe seizures. I’ve had as many as sixty per day since I was ten years old. I had extensive tests done at Dartmouth Hitchcock – they even did a three day long EEG.

An epilepsy specialist in Maine said I was the “worst epileptic” in history. After my seizures I would get migraines, tics. I’d be confused and anxious, and hallucinate. Since I started using medical marijuana I’m down to 2 seizures a day, generally when I’m asleep. I am ecstatic with the changes in my health. I am healthy enough to start setting some goals for my life because I am no longer controlled by my seizures. I use Dr. Sulak’s sensitization program monthly to keep from building tolerance.

Jesse M. – 31 Seizures

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