How to read cannabis research papers


How to read cannabis research papers

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Every day, more cannabis research is being conducted in the United States and throughout the world than ever before. In this article, How to Read Cannabis Research Papers, for Weedmaps, Dr. Sulak weighs in on how to examine and interpret cannabis research studies so you can go directly to the source with confidence.

This comprehensive article that’s easy read covers:

  • the different kinds of sources
  • the basic anatomy of a research paper
  • how to tackle the dense stuff
  • when to look stuff up
  • what to do with the references list
  • and much more

When it comes to cannabis research, Dr. Sulak recommends getting “comfortable with maybe not getting the answer, but getting one step further in your journey towards the answer.”

Read the full article written by Lauren Wilson which was published by Weedmaps on March 10, 2022.

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