How a Lack of Dispensary Attendant Training Puts Patients at Risk

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The dearth of well-trained dispensary attendants can make using medicinal cannabis more complicated and frustrate patients.

This article, How a Lack of Dispensary Attendant Training Puts Patients at Risk, on CannabizMD illustrates the problems that can arise when budtenders are simply sales people with good intentions, along with the benefits that trained staff deliver to the dispensary and patients.

For the patient, the benefits include:

  • Trusted advisors who understand which strains and preparations they’ve used in order to get same results or avoid bad ones
  • Recommendations for consistently reliable products
  • Assurance that a product is free from contamination

Some of the benefits to dispensaries include:

  • Reduced turnover when attendants receive training and professional development, which saves money on hiring and training new workers
  • A well-educated attendant crew can also improve patient satisfaction because attendants who are knowledgeable become a trusted resource for patients

This article was originally published by CannabizMD on March 12, 2019.

Photo Credit: Sonya Yruel/Drug Policy Alliance.



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