Elevating the Conversation with Dr. Dustin Sulak

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Dr. Dustin Sulak had no intention of focusing his medical practice and career on cannabis. His practice opened in 2009, which occurred to coincide with the expansion of Maine’s patient program. “I was at the right position at the right moment and was forced to learn how to utilize cannabis as a medicine very rapidly,” he says. Over the last seven years, Dr. Sulak has been sharing his cannabis expertise with the world at  Read the full story, Elevating the Conversation with Dr. Dustin Sulak.

Topics discussed include:

  • Treating seniors
  • Cannabis discoveries
  • What could cannabis do for prevention of disease?
  • Cannabis and medical benefits, medical schools
  • Stigma surrounding cannabis
  • Big pharma and cannabis

This article was originally published by Elevate Nevada in August 2016.

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