Dabbing: The New, Explosive Way to Smoke Marijuana

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Some users have taken a “I told you so” attitude as a result of the legalization of medicinal and even recreational marijuana in some places. It stems from many marijuana users’ long-held belief that marijuana is neither lethal nor addictive. However, the rise of “dabbers” — people who inhale a highly concentrated type of marijuana culled during a sometimes explosive manufacturing process — has tarnished marijuana’s reputation.

In this article, Dabbing: The New, Explosive Way to Smoke Marijuana, Dr. Sulak says that depending on the intensity, a single inhalation of concentrate gives the THC and other cannabinoids comparable to three to ten inhalations of herbal cannabis. This larger dose supplied with a quick onset gives a more euphoric experience than, say, smoking a complete joint. Users are more likely to acquire tolerance to the greater dose, requiring a bigger dose to get the same results. Smoking herbal cannabis will no longer provide the intended effect for many dab users.

This article written by David Heitz was originally published by on March 13, 2015.

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