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CBD and CBDA Webinar

Dr. Sulak answers the questions frequently asked about CBD and CBDA by patients and health providers, and presents research. Get 20% off at with coupon code Webinar. Topics Covered:...

Healer CBG Webinar

CBG Webinar

Dr. Dustin Sulak and Bonni Goldstein MD present the current research on CBG and answer live questions on various topics.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Older Adults

This is a recording of our special webinar focused on the use of cannabis for dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and older adults. Webinar Topics: High-dose CBD for behavioral symptoms in Alzheimer’s...

Free Healer Certified Webinar

Because we believe that staying up to date on the latest cannabis research and learning from your peers’ questions are essential to being a trusted cannabis advisor, here is free...

Healer How To Get Great Results With Medical Cannabis

Learn how you can get great results with medical cannabis. Prevent and relieve symptoms Learn about Healer cannabis   Dr. Sulak address the questions frequently asked by patients and health...

THC & CBD Training and Certification Program

Healer’s THC & CBD Online Training & Certification Program

Enroll Now Hi, I’m Dr. Dustin Sulak, and I’d like to give you some information about Healer’s online training and certification program. I’m a physician with 13 years of clinical...

Medical Cannabis 101 Video

Dr. Sulak explains the basics of medical cannabis. A must watch.

Medical Cannabis Opioid Guide

Thousands of people have used cannabis to help them reduce and replace opioid medications, as demonstrated in numerous recent scientific papers and strongly supported by animal research (see guide for...

Micro-Dosing with THC

Dr. Sulak teaches you how to safely control your cannabis dosage to provide the benefits you seek without intoxication.

Pediatric Seizures – Video Guide

A parent’s guide to understanding cannabis as a treatment for pediatric seizures. Dr. Dustin Sulak outlines what every parent considering cannabis as a seizure treatment for their child needs to...

Endocannabinoid System Image

The Endocannabinoid System

As you learn more about the potential therapeutic effects of cannabis, and its most active constituents, the cannabinoids, one thing will become quickly evident: cannabis has a profound influence on...

Understanding Cannabis Dosing – Video

An overview of the fundamentals of cannabis dosing.

Webinar with Dr. Sulak and Bonni S. Goldstein, M.D.

Dr. Sulak is joined by special guest Bonni S. Goldstein, M.D. This is a recording of the May 27, 2020 Healer Certified monthly webinar.

Webinar with Dr. Sulak and Patricia Frye, M.D.

Dr. Sulak is joined by special guest Patricia Frye, M.D. This is a recording of the June 24, 2020 Healer Certified monthly webinar.

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