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Comparing the Effects of Tinctures vs Edibles

Tinctures and edibles are great products for people who want to add cannabinoids to their wellness regimen but prefer to stay away from inhaling vapor or smoke. Here is an...

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures Properly

Cannabis tinctures offer a host of benefits. These products make it possible to consume cannabis and reap the plant’s potent benefits without inhalation and in a more controlled, discreet way....

8 Reasons Why Adding Cannabis Tinctures Helps Prevent & Relieve Chronic Symptoms So You Can Feel and Perform Your Best Everyday

There’s no question that there is something very special about inhaling cannabis. When the flame meets the flower, it produces an experience that other methods simply cannot re-create.  

CBD and CBDA Webinar

Dr. Sulak answers the questions frequently asked about CBD and CBDA by patients and health providers, and presents research. Get 20% off at with coupon code Webinar. Topics Covered:...

Medical Cannabis 101 Video

Dr. Sulak explains the basics of medical cannabis. A must watch.

The Health Effects of Cannabis

The following is a brief summary of the most common physiologic effects of cannabis on each of our bodily systems.

Micro-Dosing with THC

Dr. Sulak teaches you how to safely control your cannabis dosage to provide the benefits you seek without intoxication.

How To Minimize Adverse Effects Of Cannabis’s Introduction to Cannabis and Sensitization programs are designed to help you minimize the negative effects while increasing the desired medical benefits from cannabis.

lemon and cannabis

Will lemon negate the benefits of cannabis?

Lemon and other citrus fruit have historically been used as an antidote to cannabis intoxication.  The effect is likely due to a terpene called limonene, one of the most common...

Will smoking cannabis give me the same benefits as using an oil?

I have been reading about cannabis oil and its healing.  Can you get the same healing from smoking?

New to cannabis but am not feeling an effect

I am brand new to medical cannabis and have tried it for the past three days using a vaporizer but am not feeling an effect. Am I doing something wrong?

Marijuana Myths, Cannabis Facts

Here are some of the common myths about marijuana, many of which have been sponsored by industries that benefit from the prohibition of marijuana, along with the facts:

Endocannabinoid System

The Endocannabinoid System

As you learn more about the potential therapeutic effects of cannabis, and its most active constituents, the cannabinoids, one thing will become quickly evident: cannabis has a profound influence on...

How Safe Is Cannabis?

In 1999, the United States National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine released the most comprehensive review of medical cannabis to date.  They found that marijuana is not a completely benign...

Choosing The Right Medicine-Strains

  There are hundreds of varieties (i.e. strains, cultivars) of medical cannabis, each with different medicinal effects. The unique properties of each strain arise from their synergy of the cannabinoids,...

Meet the Phytocannabinoids – The Primary Active Constituents of Cannabis

Phytocannabinoids are a class of compounds found in plants (phyto-) that act upon the endocannabinoid system.  The vast majority of phytocannabinoids are found in the species cannabis sativa, but other...

Using Medical Cannabis: Delivery Systems

  The beneficial compounds in cannabis can be administered by inhaling smoke or vapors, ingesting cannabis added to food or drink, swallowing capsules, taking liquid extracts such as tinctures or...

Cannabis Dosing: Less is (Usually) More

Cannabis is unlike any other medicine due to its wide range of effective dosages, incredible safety profile, broad physiologic mechanisms of action, and versatility in treating a wide range of...

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