11 Things To Know About Getting High Before a Workout

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While going for a run after smoking weed — or lifting weights or really any exercise — might sound sketchy, there are plenty of folks who’ve already been there, done that. Just do a quick Google search and you’ll find people talking about all kinds of ways in which toking up before a workout is helpful. But is it really true?

Dr. Dustin Sulak and other experts share the knowledge they’ve gained from years of personal experience, anecdotal evidence, and their own research to create this list things to know when getting high before a workout.  Read what they say in 11 Things To Know About Getting High Before a Workout.

Spoiler alert (but read the whole article for the full picture):

  1. Understand how cannabis affects your mind and body
  2. Smoke a smaller amount before working out than you normally would
  3. If you’re an experienced user, think twice before microdosing and exercising
  4. Marijuana can help you tolerate discomfort, so you may be able to do more
  5. Cannabis can help you dial in on focus, so you get in the zone faster
  6. It can also make your workout more fun
  7. It might even speed up your recovery
  8. CBD extract is a good alternative but, if possible (and legal), using the whole plant is preferred
  9. While smoking might make the most sense for getting it in your body, it’s not really healthy
  10. Herbal vaporizers and sublingual tinctures are excellent non-smoking options
  11. Don’t try any of this if you’re under 18, have heart issues, or participating in fast-paced sports

This article written by Anthony Rivas was originally published by on May 11, 2017.


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