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Healer Hemp products

Healer Hemp Products

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  • Cannabis Education

    Articles, videos and guides on cannabis and hemp benefits, health conditions, science and research

  • Dosage Programs

    Free step-by step instructions and videos to help you use cannabis to achieve the best therapeutic results

  • Industry Training

    Online training and certification led by Dr. Sulak for healthcare providers, industry professionals and consumers

  • Healer Products

    Physician-developed, lab-tested, reliable whole plant cannabis or hemp products with Usage Guides


Become a trusted cannabis and CBD advisor

Doctor-developed online training and education to empower you to help patients and consumers achieve success.

Designed for health providers, industry professionals, and consumers. Access reliable, accurate, and practical online training, and education based on proven protocols, peer-reviewed science, and Dr. Sulak’s clinical experience.

Healer Certified Training Program

How to best use cannabis

Free, comprehensive dosage programs

Healer’s free dosage programs for beginners and experienced users includes step-by-step instructions, videos, worksheets, and wellness activities. These programs can help you find the right dosage for chronic pain, insomnia, depression & anxiety, PTSD, cancer, Crohn’s Disease & nausea, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), seizures, glaucoma & more.

Healer Hemp Products

Formulated to help you

Our CBD, CBDA & CBG formulas are developed by Dr. Dustin Sulak and include a step-by-step Usage Guide to help you find your optimal usage amount, which is the key to ensuring your success.

Lab tested and verified contaminant-free, each is made in Maine by Healer from organically grown hemp using our patented process that purifies and delivers more of the plant’s beneficial compounds, so you can get better results from each drop.

Available online and delivered to your door. (US only)

Healer Hemp products

Healer Reviews & Testimonials

Healer Hemp Products
"My Two Forms of Arthritis thank You for These fine CBD & CBDa Products. 2nd round same as the 1st highly efficacious. I have two forms of arthritis RA & Psoriatic most profound in my hands, crippling actually I use an entourage -pun intended of tinctures, topical's, and yes other CBD for different reasons .This CBDa is really good topically for my psoriatic arthritis especially thank you Dr. Sulak & Healers"

photo of Bill H. Bill H. Verified Buyer

Training Program
"Worth every penny! Excellent course, very informative. I feel like this training has prepared me with the information needed to assume my role as a cannabis nurse consultant. I took your training after completing a cannabis nurse certificate program because I felt I needed a bit more information as it related to dosing and application. "

Marsha K. Healer Certified Training Member

Healer Hemp Products
"Completes the process! I’ve been working on finding my perfect dose for this crazy neuropathy in my hands and that dang nausea from IBS that keeps me from sleeping well. Tinctures, leaf, and salves OhMy! Well finally... after adding the acids, I was able to reach that goal! Mission Accomplished!"

photo of Honey W. Honey W. Verified Buyer

Training Program
"A comprehensive program that starts broadly to initiate the most novice of students before focusing on details regarding how cannabis is processed in the body and how it works in benefiting both specific ailments and in maintaining homeostasis for the whole body. It's easy to follow, convenient, and will leave you with the confidence to work alongside others in the field of cannabis."

Maria P. Healer Certified Training Member

Healer Hemp Products
"I have never tried a CBDA product before, and was excited to give it a try! I am looking to support my workout regiment (pain, recovery, inflammation) and have interest in improving my mood, stress and irritability (who doesn't!)? I also don't want to decrease the effects of THC."

photo of Ashley G. Ashley G. Verified Buyer

Training Program
"A comprehensive introduction to medical cannabis which can aid the practitioner in being more knowledgeable about cannabis and its medical benefits."

Edward C., DO Healer Certified Training Member

Healer Hemp Products
"I purchased CBD/CBA 700 ml as a trial since the CBD was not effective for me. This new product is fantastic! Following instructions from the very first dose, I found that my mood improved, my bodily discomforts all but vanished and I had a wonderful all around feeling of much more energy."

photo of Julia W. Julia W. Verified Buyer

Training Program
"The most professional and complete program about all the basic you need to know about Cannabis."

Trần M. Healer Certified Training Member

Educational Articles

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Comparing the Effects of Tinctures vs Edibles

Tinctures and edibles are great products for people who want to add cannabinoids to their wellness regimen but prefer to stay away from inhaling vapor or smoke. Here is an overview of cannabis tinctures vs edibles, including a comparison between the effects of each. What is a cannabis tincture? Cannabis tinctures are typically liquid products […]

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures Properly

Cannabis tinctures offer a host of benefits. These products make it possible to consume cannabis and reap the plant’s potent benefits without inhalation and in a more controlled, discreet way. However, in order to get the most from your experience, it is imperative to learn how to use cannabis tinctures properly. How to Use a […]

What is THCA - Benefits and Effects

What is THCA? Understanding Benefits & Effects

Did you know that consuming raw cannabis does not cause euphoria or intoxication? People are even more surprised to learn that the cannabis plant does not directly produce THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), but instead produces an acidic precursor called THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) with distinct but important health benefits. There’s a process that takes place when you heat […]

Guide to CBG Benefits

Your Guide to the Health Benefits of CBG Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the 100+ cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. The most well-known cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), but there’s growing interest in the potential benefits of CBG, which has only recently become available in significant potencies. While a quick internet […]

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